Effortless Event Management with TrackerzHub: Simplify Event Operations and Insights

Trackerzhub a product by TrackBite that allows you (Business Owner) manage your events, registrations, and execution with ease. You can also access various features such as live polling, feedback, analytics, and more.
Trackerzhub dashboard shows you the overview of event, such as the number of attendees, number of leads, interactions, and the engagement score. You can also see the breakdown of the attendees by gender, age, location, and industry. You can also view the live chat messages, the poll results, and the feedback ratings from your attendees. You can also export the data to a CSV file or a PDF report.

Understanding the TrackerzHub Dashboard.

Once you log in to your TrackerzHub Dashboard using your login details, you will be directed to the dashboard. Within the dashboard, you will find a wide array of options designed to streamline and enhance your event management experience.

TrackerzHub shows collection of badges with Attendee types and by company names.

Efficient Event Registration with Single and Bulk Registration Options.

The Event Registration Form is a user-friendly tool designed to streamline the registration process for your upcoming events. Whether you're organizing a conference, workshop, seminar, or any other type of gathering, this feature on your dashboard simplifies the attendee registration process.

Feedback Section: An Essential Tool for Event Organizers.

The second tool in the navigation is the Feedback section. This feature is designed to help you gather valuable feedback from your event attendees. Collecting feedback is crucial for understanding what went well, what could be improved, and how you can make future events even better.

Badge Management.

Trackerzhub's Badge tool empowers users to create, edit, activate, and verify badges seamlessly. It facilitates personalized badge creation, modification, activation for recognition, and a verification system to acknowledge achievements, enhancing team engagement and motivation.

Session Section.

The Session section makes it easy to see who's at the conference and manage when people come and go. It helps keep track of attendees and ensures events run smoothly by controlling entry.

Food Section.

The food section helps organisers to keep a track of persons allowed or not allowed to have meal according to their registrations. This helps to get the total plate count consumed in a event.

Certificate Section.

TrackerzHub's Certificate section allows event organizers to easily create and print customized certificates for attendees after events. This is very crutial for doctor events to get the custom prints for credit score obtained in a event.

Kit Section.

Our new system tracks kits precisely for vendors, showing how many are given out. It controls access for different users, keeping data safe. Easy to use, it helps manage supplies and make smart choices quickly.

Transform Your Events with Comprehensive Event Management Solutions

Trackerzhub, by TrackBite, helps manage events, registrations, and execution easily. The dashboard offers live updates on attendees, interactions, and engagement. It displays attendee details and feedback, exports data, and streamlines event planning tools like registration forms, feedback collection, badge, session, food, certificates, and configuration sections. It efficiently manages kits for vendors and offers live reports exportable to Excel, simplifying event tracking and decision-making.